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Team Obama: Paul Ryan is a "Severely Conservative" Boogy Man

The Obama campaign is wasting no time in pulling out the "severely," "extremist," "out-of-touch" card to attack Paul Ryan. They've already produced an ad and are nicknaming the Romney campaign the "Go Back Team," a play off of the official Romney campaign slogan, "America's Comeback Team." Team Obama has listed five major reasons why Ryan and Romney are a bad choice. The fifth one caught my eye.




"Severely conservative?" If balancing the budget and easing the debt burdon of our youth is "severely conservative," so be it. Democrats are also calling Ryan's budget plan a "sham," failing to mention President Obama's budgets have received zero, yes zero, votes from either Republicans or Democrats in the past three years and if we really want to talk about "sham," Senate Democrats have failed to even introduce a budget for more than 1100 days.

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