Obama: America Not a Perfect Union

Posted: Jul 26, 2012 7:32 AM

But it can be "perfectible,"  or in other words "fundamentally changed." During a speech to the Urban League yesterday, President Obama took a trip down memory lane, back to the days when he was a community organizer. He not only said America isn't a perfect union, but that sometimes progress never comes at all.

"And I confess the progress didn't come quickly, and it did not come easily," President Obama said about his time as a community organizer in Chicago. "Sometimes it didn't come at all. There were times where I thought about giving up and moving on. But what kept me going day in and day out was the same thing that has sustained the Urban League all these years. The same thing that sustains all of you. And that is the belief that in America, change is always possible. That our union may not be perfect, but it is perfectible."

His statement that change sometimes doesn't come at all is simply false. Change doesn't come when you're doing the wrong things and using the wrong policies to change something. For example, all 17 Republican governors elected in 2010 have lowered the unemployment rate in their state. He should give them a call.