Florida Governor: We Won't Be Implementing ObamaCare

Posted: Jul 02, 2012 8:23 AM

Florida Governor Rick Scott sure is causing a lot of problems for the Obama administration. A few weeks ago, he told Obama's Justice Department to take a hike when attorneys demanded he stop the purging of ineligible voters like dead people, felons and illegal aliens from Florida voter rolls. Now, Scott is say he will not be taking steps anytime soon to implement ObamaTax.

Gov. Rick Scott tells Fox News that he and his Attorney General, Pam Bondi, will work tirelessly to make sure the law is repealed. He feels that can be done by electing officials, like Mitt Romney, who have vowed to fight the law before 2014, when most of its provisions kick in.

If that doesn't happen, Scott insists he still won't "implement these exchanges that will increase the cost of health and make Medicaid worse."

Scott claims Medicaid has been growing in Florida at three-and-half times the state's general revenue. He calls the law the "biggest job killer ever" and says Floridians cannot afford the $1.9 billion dollar increase he believes the law will cost.

Gov. Scott doesn't believe the law will go into effect in 2014. As a result, he's also not expanding his state's Medicaid program. And he says Florida can do without the federal money it will lose.

"That's still Florida taxpayers paying that," he said. "It's not like there's free federal money. Every program cuts back and you create this dependency and then they cut back like they did with our schools."

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is on the same page.

Gov. Scott Walker pledged again Thursday not to phase in any parts of President Barack Obama's signature health care reform law ahead of November's elections even though the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it is constitutional.

Walker, a Republican, has said he holds out hope the GOP will recapture the White House and gain full control of Congress and repeal the legislation. He reiterated his stance Thursday minutes after the court released its ruling.

"While the court said it was legal, that doesn't make it right," Walker said at a news conference. "For us to put time and effort and resources into that doesn't make a lot of sense."


And so is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana is one of the possible running mates for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. He said that even though the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act last week, he was not going to implement it in Louisiana. Jindal said the health care law was a blow to the freedoms of Americans and the President forced that it on the American public.

Jindal said the law means what next will be allowable in the future. He said taxes on people who are refusing to drive a particular car or eat a particular tofu are on the horizon if the law is implemented. Jindal promised that Louisiana would not set up any exchanges.

The Tenth Amendment lives!