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Majority Trust Romney, Not Obama on Economy

After a failed $1 trillion, a detrimental $1 trillion government take over of healthcare, billions of dollars lost to green energy loans, 42 million people on food stamps, anemic job growth and more people leaving the labor market everyday, you'd think more than 51 percent trust Romney more than President Obama on how to handle the economy.


Voters now trust likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney more than President Obama on all five issues regularly surveyed by Rasmussen Reports, especially when it comes to money.

A new national telephone survey finds that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters trust Romney more than Obama when it comes the economy, while 39% trust the president more. Ten percent (10%) are undecided.

These results make it clear Obama's continued class warfare rhetoric and war on the "rich" isn't working while Romney's free market, rewarding success message is resonating with voters.

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