Cost to Discuss War on Women? $75,800

Posted: Apr 23, 2012 7:12 AM

As President Obama continues to amp up his class warfare rhetoric and paint Republicans as in the bag for the "rich," he seems to have no problem raking in campaign cash on backs of women by using them as political pawns and treating them (well, liberal women anyway) like victims.

For $75,800, donors can attend the Obama-backed 18th Annual National Women's Issues Conference in Washington. The price tag earns a donor the title of "chairman," special seating, a photo op and special recognition at the conference. [See pictures of Obama's re-election campaign.]

And of course, the price tag is a historic one. Because team Obama is asking for so much money in one sitting, it has to be divided in order to comply with federal elections law.

The Sunlight Foundation, which tracks campaign fundraisers, reports it is the highest contribution request it has ever seen. 

It would actually be a violation of FEC rules to hand over all that dough over to the Obama campaign, so here's how the president's fundraising staff is breaking it down: Obama for America, the fund going directly to the president, will get $5,000 of the donation. Then, the Democratic National Committee will get significant $30,800 chunk. Finally, the campaign will donate varying amounts to Democratic parties in swing states like Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina.