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Low Voter Turn Out in Illinois

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, voters weren't exactly enthused about voting in tonight's GOP primary:

Voter turnout is light in Illinois despite record-breaking warmth that robs voters of their usual excuse for staying home in March.


CBS in Chicago is explaining voter turnout as "extremely" low:

Turnout for Tuesday’s Illinois primary stood at a meager 15 percent as of mid afternoon.

Election officials said a lack of contested races was behind the lackluster activity at the polls. If that figure stands, it will be an all-time low for turnout.

“It’s going to be the lowest,” Langdon Neal, chairman of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, told the Tribune. “The real issue is” how low.

Four years ago, Barack Obama was in a heated primary race with Hillary Clinton. This year, Obama has his sights set on the general election. Meantime, GOP front-runner Mitt Romney was holding a double-digit lead in Illinois over his main rival, Rick Santorum.

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