Obama Campaign Admits if Election Held Today, Romney Would Win

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Mar 14, 2012 11:14 AM

The Obama campaign is taking a strange new approach in their desperate attempt for fundraising dollars: Telling supporters Obama would lose to Mitt Romney if the election was held today. More from Joel Gehkre:

Friend," Obama campaign manager Jim Messina wrote today, "If the general election were held today, President Obama would lose to Mitt Romney -- according to the latest poll from Washington Post-ABC News. Now, many other polls put the President on top, but all point to the same reality: We're looking at a race that will be tighter than you think," Messina warned.

Messina didn't even bother praising the president when he asked for money. "If the idea of a President Romney scares you, it's time to own a piece of this campaign," he said before appealing for donations of $3 and up.

But does the Obama camp really think Romney would beat the current president? No, but scaring their liberal base about the reality Mitt Romney could become president in November, might encourage them to donate some money. On the other hand, maybe former Obama supporters are realizing that in this economy, they don't have the money to donate anyway.