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New Liberal Campaign Portrays Women as Good For One Thing: Sex

Thanks, liberal women! With the following ad you have successfully portrayed all women as good for one thing: sex. Welcome to the mind of a feminist and the new "sex strike" campaign.




Things you can do with a woman that don't involve sex:

-Have a conversation (not about sex)

-Take a walk

-Stroll on the beach

-Have dinner

-Debate about politics

-Debate the Israeli-Palestinean conflict

-Talk about guns

-Go shooting

-Go hunting

-Go camping

-Go shopping

-Discuss Greek philosophy

-Braid hemp baskets

-Go running

-Go rock climbing

-Pick out your next pair of Birkenstocks together

-Dreadlock each others hair

-Write poetry

-Buy $5-per-gallon gasoline

-Cook Michelle Obama approved healthful meals

-Stockpile banned incandescent light bulbs

-Buy gold

-Watch Obama's speeches on your Ipod

-Chill with hipsters at South by Southwest

-ANYTHING besides having sex

-etc. etc. etc.

In all seriousness, this advertising campaign is degrading to women, not empowering. The picture above implies women are good for one thing, and you all know exactly what I'm talking about. It also implies that the only reason men grace women with their presense is simply so they can use them for sexual purposes, which is just not true.


Parting thought: Access denied? Is access open whenever, wherever to anyone so long as these women have free contraception? Shouldn't access denied be the standard? Rather than implying women are "open for business" all the time, so long as others are paying for their contraception?

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