Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Won't Be Attending White House Dinner Tonight

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Feb 27, 2012 7:52 AM

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has been at war with the Obama White House for years. Whether it's being sued by the Obama Justice Department for trying to secure the Arizona border with Mexico or landing in the spotlight for pointing a finger on the tarmac after Obama expressed his feelings were hurt, Brewer just can't seem to catch a break with this administration. Tonight, the National Governor's Association will hold its annual dinner at the White House, Brewer has declined her invitation to attend.

Brewer said in an interview today that she had a scheduling conflict.

“I’ve just decided I wasn’t going to be going because I had some other commitments I had to attend to,” Brewer said.

On Jan. 25, Brewer, a Republican, greeted the Democratic president in Phoenix with a letter asking for a meeting on Arizona’s economy and suggesting they visit the U.S.-Mexico border. The two talked closely for several minutes and Brewer was photographed with her finger pointing in Obama’s direction. She later said she habitually talks with her hands.

“The tarmac issue was a little distorted rather than reported probably the way that it actually happened,” she told reporters today.

She also offered to buy President Obama lunch in the letter she gave him in Phoenix just a few weeks ago.