New Poll: America Thinks Obama Too Liberal

Posted: Feb 23, 2012 8:15 AM

A new USA Today poll shows most Americans believe President Obama is too liberal and that his polices have not benefited the country in a positive way.

Americans are more likely to say his presidency has been a failure than a success, 50%-44%. His favorable rating is 50%, higher than the GOP presidential contenders but lower than every nominee in the past five presidential contests at this point except Republican Bob Dole, who lost in 1996. A 51% majority say Obama is too liberal, and Americans are inclined to say they disagree with him on the issues that matter most to them.



Considering America is still a center-right nation, with only 21 percent of voters classifying themselves as "liberal," this poll isn't surprising. Obama ran as a moderate to get elected in 2008. He has governed from the radical Left.