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Think You Know the Occupy Movement? Think Again

It's easy to get caught up in thinking the Occupy Movement is just a bunch of lazy dirty hippies who would rather spend other people's money for a living, and although some who attend occupy protests really are just there for the weed and drum circles, others in attendance have a much more sinister agenda. At the base of Occupy is a radical Leftist, anarchist agenda. For the first time, film director Stephen K. Bannon is bringing us an in-depth look at who the Occupy Movement really is and what their goals are in "Occupy Unmasked." The truth is, the Occupy movement is violent, anti-American, anti-law enforcement and willing to do whatever it takes to infringe on the free speech and property rights of Americans they disagree with. Over the weekend, Bannon described the film as a "war movie," and once you watch the trailer, you'll think the same thing. 


Caution: Some strong language

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