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I had the privilege to see George Will speak at a CPAC dinner back in 2009 and one thing he said will stick with me forever. He made the point that out of the seven deadly sins, the only one that isn't enjoyable, even for a second, is envy. I couldn't agree more. Think about it, when has being envious of someone else ever felt good? In an age of class warfare being promoted by the Left and guaranteed to only get worse as we approach the 2012 general election, his point couldn't be more spot on. Liberals constantly preach envy to their base, saying it is unfair that some people have more than others and therefore we should take from some and give to others. Conservatives however believe some may have more than others, but that you can work hard to have the same.


One of the biggest reasons why conservatives are happier than liberals according a Yale sociologist profiled on PBS, is because conservatives believe in equal opportunity and being rewarded for hard work.


Watch Why Are Conservatives Happier Than Liberals? on PBS. See more from PBS NEWSHOUR.

(sidenote: notice the Occupy Wall Street guy is drinking from a Starbucks card)

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