Insanity: Seven Year Old Kid Accused of Sexual Harrassment for Kicking Bully in the Groin

Posted: Dec 04, 2011 12:59 PM

You know the nanny state is out of control and on the wrong side of the fight when a school district is investigating a seven-year-old for kicking a bully in the crotch in self defense and then accusing the kid of sexual harassment. That's what is happening in Boston.

A 7-year-old boy is being investigated by his South Boston elementary school for possible sexual harassment after kicking another boy in the crotch.

The first grader’s mother, Tasha Lynch, says she was shocked by the school’s decision.

“He’s 7 years old. He doesn’t know anything about sexual harassment,” she said.

Lynch’s son, Mark Curran, said the boy that he kicked had been bullying him on the school bus ride home from Tynan Elementary last week.

“He just all of a sudden came up to him, choked him. He wanted to take his gloves, and my son said, ‘I couldn’t breathe, so I kicked him in the testicles,’” said his mother.

We constantly hear liberals screaming about bullying and promoting anti-bullying campaigns, but they are never focused on the real issue of why bullying occurs. Bullying happens more often now than it did in the good old days because teachers and adminstrators punish kids for defending themselves against bullies, therefore, making kids already vulnerable to bullying even more vulnerable because bullies know the kids are less likely to fight back for fear of getting reprimanted by the school. This then  turns them into helpless victims while taking the side of the bully. The Boston case is a perfect example. The bully deserved a good kick in the crotch, and probably deserves a few more.