Cain Courts Iowa Farmers in New Anti-EPA Regulation Video

Posted: Nov 07, 2011 4:23 PM

In his latest video, Herman Cain is actually listening to farmers' concerns about EPA dust regulation, rather than telling them as President Obama did that "their fears may be unfounded," and to "call the USDA" if they have questions. Former American Farm Bureau President Dean Kleckner is fed up with EPA over-regulation and seems to think Cain can relate to farming on a business level.

“Seventy percent of Iowa caucus votes come from small towns and farms. We want Iowans and farmers across America to know that Herman Cain realizes farming is a business and excessive government regulation will drive farmers out of business just like it does for manufacturers,” said Steve Grubbs, Cain's Iowa Chairman.


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Mike Adams

Not a bad move with the Iowa Caucuses less than two months away.