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When I opened up my email this morning, something made my Friday. I'm signed up for LivingSocial, which is a website that sends daily deals straight to your inbox. What did they send today? A concealed carry course for $95. Normally the course costs $190. Each deal comes with a clever and informantive introduction. Today's was the following:


When it comes to amendments, number two is number one with a bullet. Set your aim on today's deal: Pay $95 for a concealed firearm permit course from MMTA Firearms Training Academy in Ashburn (a $190 value). This four-hour classroom-based class allows students to apply for a multi-state concealed firearms permit, which grants permission to carry a concealed weapon in more than 30 states -- including the Old Dominion. Taught by NRA-certified instructors, the class covers everything from safety to shooting and includes all course materials and CCW applications as well as fingerprinting services and processing of six passport photos. And with things starting to cool off, we can't think of a better time to start packing heat.

This is the second time in the past few months LivingSocial has sent out a concealed carry course daily deal in the DC area (the permit is valid in Virginia). The last time they did it, I got three of my female friends to sign up for the class. I had already earned my permit and didn't want such a great opportunity for firearms education and self defense training to go to waste. My theory is, the more women with firearms and self defense training, the less rapes we have.

In North Carolina, LivingSocial recently offered a concealed carry handgun class as a daily deal, but a woman and mother of three children by the name of Brittany, who has a blog called "Mommy Words," wasn't impressed. In response to the deal, she wrote a post titled, "Is Living Social Really Offering a Concealed Handguns Class?"


This morning, I saw that Living Social is offering its subscribers 50% off a NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class.

Honestly, I was shocked and disappointed. This is a site dedicated to bringing new and fun social activities and the occasional spa package to our lives at a discount.  Learning about handguns is serious business, and as a huge advocate of gun control, I thought that their usual cheeky introduction was inappropriate, to say the least.  Actually I would think the serious owner of a gun might question the tone of this too.   This is not the first Concealed Handgun class they have offered in the country.  All were presented in the same light hearted manner, as if getting a permit to walk around with a hidden gun were some sort of fun social activity and not learning and being allowed to carry a weapon that is made to kill people.

You know what else isn't a fun and social activity? Becoming a victim of a violent crime because you have no way to defend yourself, which is the entire reason why people, women in particular, obtain a concealed carry permit and carry a gun concealed.  Yes, learning about handguns is serious business, which is why more people should learn how to properly use them. Brittney says she is a "huge advocate for gun control." That is her choice, but LivingSocial wouldn't be selling the deal if people weren't buying it and she has the choice either to purchase or not purchase a daily deal, don't ruin it for the rest of us who actually appreciate LivingSocial offering women something other than the stereotypical "day at the spa." Guns aren't made to "kill people," but they do come in mighty handy when you're being attacked by a dangerous criminal, either in public or in your home. LivingSocial didn't do anything wrong by using "cheeky" language either. Firearms are fun and safe when the person using them is properly educated and trained, and quite frankly, it's fun knowing you can protect yourself.


She continued:

I understand that North Carolina (along with every other state excluding Illinois) is a Concealed Carry State.  That does not mean that all of us Charlotteans are cool with it.  I know that gun control is a very divisive issue.  For my part, I am all the way gun control.  I actually am fully against the personal possession of handguns outside of a weapon stored and used at a shooting range.  I don’t like guns in homes and on people and I am extremely uncomfortable with the thought of people having guns on their person I do not know about.  In some ways that is besides the point.  Whether you are a card carrying member of the NRA or an avid gun control supporter like myself, we should agree that guns are a SERIOUS issue and a SERIOUS responsibility.

You know who else is fully against law abiding citizens carry handguns on their person or in their homes? Criminals, who don't pay attention to gun laws.



And when have you ever heard of a shooting at a gun range with the purpose of killing people?  Never, because criminals know they'll get shot in return. Economist John Lott has proved time and time again, more guns equal less crime. Statistics also prove the more concealed carry permits issued, the less crime. In fact, each year, the National Rifle Association hosts its annual meetings and over 80,000 people attend each year, the majority of attendees carry concealed while thousands of other guns line the vendor room, and not once has there been a shooting incident.


Moving on:

Gun control is a major issue in our country and a daily deals site is not the place to offer such a course. Given that handguns are used to kill people,  I do not think that this class fits the Living Social idea.   I wonder if anyone in the office there thought about this deal and how some of us might feel before they ran it?  The thought of making it easier than it already is in N.C. to get and conceal a handgun made me cringe.

Actually, a daily deals site is the perfect place to offer this course. LivingSocial has provided an educational opportunity to interested consumers at half the normal price. This is a good thing. The less firearms' education costs, the more informed and protected citizens we have, and before I hear griping about how "anyone can take this course," you have to pass an FBI-background check before you receive your permit and the instructors take your finger prints which are put into a government database.

As of this morning 49 more people here want to hide their handguns.  That just makes me sad.

Yes, people want to "hide their handguns," because carrying concealed is an effective way to ward off criminals without making everyone else feel uncomfortable by openly displaying a handgun on your hip. It's called tactical advantage.

Liberals are constantly screaming about how we need more education, yet when it comes to firearms education, they stick their heads in the sand, which is highly unfortunate because knowing how to properly use a gun can save your life, or the life of someone else. Thank you LivingSocial for giving people the opportunity to learn more about firearms and self defense, it is much appreciated.


Refuse to be a victim....or not, the choice is yours.

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