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Remember Cenk Uygur? He's the guy who briefly took over for Keith Olbermann when he got booted from MSNBC. Cenk was also recently booted from the network and is now back hosting full-time on his regular internet show "The Young Turks," with his co-host Ana Kasparian.


Politizoid, an online animated political media outlet, produces regular videos using the voices and words of politicians in Washington, not impersonators. Recently, Politizoid produced a video called "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom," which shows President Obama and the First Lady singing and dancing while the economy collapses behind them. Politizoid used the President's words and voice and used the First Lady's words and voice, as they do with all of their videos for public officials, for the episode.   If you are wondering, "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom," is a classic children's book.

Now, Cenk and his side kick Ana are accusing Politizoid of "racialist undertones," for the voices used in the video, despite the fact that the voices and the words in the video belong to President Obama and his wife.

From Politzoid:

Clearly uneducated in the great literary classics, the Turkish youngsters assume that the voices are done by impersonators spewing gibberish to make Barack and Michelle sound incompetent and stereotypically black.


President Obama dancing and singing like a rapper “because he’s black,” saying things like “skit scat scoodle doot”? Racist!

Addressing Michelle’s questionable voice, they remarked, “What is she even saying? She’s speaking like a stereotype, right? She sounds like a stereotype!” Yes, Michelle Obama’s own voice sounds like a stereotype. Definitely racist.

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