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Bachmann Touts 'No' Vote on Debt Ceiling Hike Ahead of Iowa Straw Poll

Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is touting her 'no' vote on raising the debt ceiling in a new video released a week ahead of the Ames Iowa straw poll.


Yesterday after President Obama signed the debt deal into law, Bachmann released a statement slamming the deal and Obama, saying Americans will continue to be subjected his failed economic policies. 

"Mr. President, the real losers in the budget deal were the American people who will continue to be subjected to your failed economic policies. The President got what he wanted -- a blank check, debt ceiling increase of at least $2.1 trillion to continue his wasteful spending next year, while in exchange the American people got $21 billion of spending cuts. It should be noted that $21 billion is 1/2 of one percent of total spending for the year; only in Washington does a 1/2 percent cut in spending count as 'austerity.' That's not the kind of deal that makes government live within its means, like American families and businesses have had to do during this recession. We needed real cuts and a fundamental restructuring in the way Washington spends taxpayer dollars to solve the spending crisis we are in. What's worse is that this deal puts our national security at risk because of the severe cuts to defense that kick in should the President not do his job in the next few months. But it's hard for the President to understand the importance of national security when he's 'leading from behind.'

"And it took less than an hour after the deal passed the Senate for the President to pledge to raise taxes on the American people and on American job creators through his insistence on a 'balanced approach.' After two-and-half years of a failed trillion dollar stimulus, bank and auto bailouts, the President still believes that government can create jobs and turn the economy around. Tell that to the millions of people who have lost their jobs while Washington continues to grow with its wasteful spending. Mr. President, it's time for you to take responsibility for this failed economy and stop blaming the American people, earthquakes, the previous administration and the wind. It's time to stop the 'hot air' in Washington and let the winds of true change, economic growth and job creation spurred by the private market sweep through this country. Someone has to say NO to more spending. I will."


Meanwhile, a new Rasmussen Report shows just 22 percent of likely voters, including Republicans, Democrats and Independents, approve of the debt plan and most believe it won't lead to spending cuts.

Most voters disapprove of the debt ceiling agreement reached by the president and Congress earlier this week and most doubt it will actually reduce government spending.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 22% of Likely Voters nationwide approve of the agreement while 53% disapprove. Twenty-six percent (26%) are not sure. 

Republicans and unaffiliated voters disapproved by a 4-to-1 margin. Democrats are fairly evenly divided with 34% favoring the deal and 40% opposed.

Conservative voters strongly oppose the deal while liberals are evenly divided. By a 51% to 20% margin, moderates disapprove.

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