Progress: First Saturday Debt Talk Meeting 48 Minutes Long

Posted: Jul 23, 2011 1:20 PM

The first meeting of the weekend that will lead to even more meetings for the next two days was less than an hour long according to Politico:

Congressional leaders returned to the White House Saturday, meeting for less than an hour at the start of a last-gasp round of negotiations with President Barack Obama to avert a government default on the nation’s debt.

The meeting was brief, starting at 11:09 and ending by 11:58, and there was no immediate sign that the parties had resolved their differences.

Despite the brevity of today's first meeting between Speaker Boehner and President Obama, they are expected to work through the weekend in a last ditch effort to come to a deal. However, in the event a new deal cannot be reached, the McConnell Plan is still the fall back plan.