Obama Raises $47 Million in First Quarter

Posted: Jul 13, 2011 9:43 AM

President Obama's 2012 campaign raised $47 million dollars this quarter with an additional $38 million coming in from the Democratic National Committee. The GOP candidate who raised not even half of the $47 million by Obama is Mitt Romney who brought in $18.3 million this quarter and in total all GOP candidates raked in $35 million. However, keep in mind GOP candidates are competing in a field of 10 serious candidates for republican and conservative donor dollars.

Obama's $47 million is impressive, however, President George W. Bush at this point in his re-election bid raised more:

Displaying once again his Midas touch when it comes to fund raising, President Bush raked in $49.5 million over the past three months for his re-election bid -- a total that appears to surpass the collective haul of his nine Democratic rivals, according to campaign officials.