DC Bus System: Don't Raise the Debt Ceiling Without Spending Cuts

Posted: Jul 06, 2011 5:07 PM

DC residents and Congress will get a friendly reminder from Public Notice, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing facts about run-away federal spending, as the group launches their fourth campaign ad reminding politicians the debt ceiling shouldn't be raised without substantial spending cuts attached. The ads will appear on public buses and bus stops for a month throughout Washington D.C. as debt negotiations continue on Capitol Hill.

Gretchen Hamel, executive director of Public Notice, said the following:

"This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone in Washington. Public Notice is just echoing Americans’ demands for fiscal sanity – even – or maybe especially – in the seemingly safe spending harbor of Washington, D.C.

"And all those people who want to keep spending? They’ll look out their K Street windows and see these buses rolling by.

"This is another step in our ongoing campaign to hold members of Congress to the promise they made to their constituents to make the tough choices and rein in spending. They will know the American people won’t forget."

With less than five weeks until the August 2nd deadline, President Obama gave a stern warning to Congress last week, saying, "There’s no point in putting it off.We’ve got to get this done." All opinion polls point to the need to cut spending. Let’s hope Congress follows suit and gets our nation back on sound fiscal footing.

The ads read: 

Tired of waiting…For Congress to realize they can’t raise the debt ceiling without cutting spending?

You’re missing the bus if you think Congress can raise the debt ceiling without cutting spending.

Next Stop: Greece.  Don’t raise the debt ceiling without cutting spending.

Next Stop: Greece.  Raising the debt ceiling without cutting spending is our own Greek Tragedy.

Hit the brakes on raising the debt ceiling without cutting government spending.