TSA Holds 95-Year-Old Woman Hostage for 45 Minutes

Posted: Jun 26, 2011 3:41 PM

Just when you think TSA can't get any worse...

A 95-year-old woman suffering with leukemia was detained by TSA for 45 minutes and asked to remove her adult diaper before boarding a flight with her family from Florida to Michigan.

A woman has filed a complaint with federal authorities over how her elderly mother was treated at Northwest Florida Regional Airport last weekend.

Jean Weber of Destin filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security after her 95-year-old mother was detained and extensively searched last Saturday while trying to board a plane to fly to Michigan to be with family members during the final stages of her battle with leukemia.

Her mother, who was in a wheelchair, was asked to remove an adult diaper in order to complete a pat-down search.

“It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,” Weber said Friday. “Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this.”

Sari Koshetz, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration in Miami, said she could not comment on specific cases to protect the privacy of those involved.

“The TSA works with passengers to resolve any security alarms in a respectful and sensitive manner,” she said.

Weber’s mother entered the airport’s security checkpoint in a wheelchair because she was not stable enough to walk through, Weber said.

Wheelchairs trigger certain protocols, including pat-downs and possible swabbing for explosives, Koshetz said.

“During any part of the process, if there is an alarm, then we have to resolve that alarm,” she said.

Weber said she did not know whether her mother had triggered an alarm during the 45 minutes they were detained.

She said her mother was first pulled aside into a glass-partitioned area and patted down. Then she was taken to another room to protect her privacy during a more extensive search, Weber said.

This tops when the TSA gave a nun and a 9-month-old a "modified" patdown and when workers forced a breast cancer survivor to remove her prosthetic breast. And guess what? TSA is in the process of becoming unionized.

TSA has stopped zero attempted terror attacks since its implementation after 9/11.