Beauty Queen Kills Home Invader With Pink .38 Special

Posted: Mar 22, 2011 8:02 PM
This story gives the saying "drop dead gorgeous," a whole new meaning.

Meghan Brown, a 25-year-old beauty queen shot and killed an ex-convict who broke into her Florida home at 3 a.m. recently. Brown answered a knock on her door when the man barged in and dragged Brown by the face when her fiance awoke and came to help, giving Brown the chance and enough time to grab her pink .38 special. She then shot the man in the chest, groin, thigh and back, killing him at the scene.

According to FoxNews, the suspect, identified as Albert Hill, had a long rap sheet that goes back decades and includes arrests for "burglary, battery, drug possession, grand theft and served a 13-year prison term in 1987 and was released in September after serving a fourth term behind bars."