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Rep. Pete King to Hold Hearing on Radical Islam in America

New York Representative Pete King who sits as Chairman on the House Homeland Security Committee, will hold hearings this week focusing on the radicalization of Muslims in the American-Muslim community.

“We will examine al Qaeda’s latest and dangerous tactic of radicalizing members of the American Muslim community and recruiting them to engage in jihadist attacks against innocent Americans.  We will also examine the American Muslim community’s response to the growing threat.  Last month, Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano declared that the terrorist threat level is at its most ‘heightened state’ since 9/11; National Counterterrorism Center Director Michael Leiter called al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) the most significant threat to our homeland; and Attorney General Eric Holder recently said that radicalization in this country by AQAP’s Anwar al Awlaki and other terrorist recruiters is what keeps him awake at night."

“At the hearing, we will hear from American Muslims, including those with first-hand, devastating experience with the effects of al Qaeda’s radicalization efforts.  This life-and-death issue is too important to ignore in the name of political correctness.”   


Rep. King is already seeing protests against the hearing and opposition from radical Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the push for a mosque at Ground Zero, and the Council on Islamic Relations, a Muslim group with ties to Hamas. Over the weekend, hundreds gathered in New York City to protest against the hearings, saying King is unfairly targeting Muslims. Regardless, King isn't backing down, saying he will not put political correctness ahead of America's security.

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