ATF Agents Watch as Cartels Purchase AK-47s

Posted: Mar 04, 2011 11:41 AM

"Letting Guns Walk"

As the Obama Administration and the Justice Department crack down on law abiding gun shop owners along our southern border to "stop the flow of guns into Mexico," the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has been watching drug cartel suppliers purchase hundreds semi-automatic weapons, resulting in thousands of innocent deaths. ATF sat by and watched as known criminals purchased the weapons they needed to carry out operations with no take downs of cartels as a result.

However, ATF sitting by and watching weapons flow to cartels did result in the recent death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry as the gun used to kill him in southern Arizona was one ATF "let walk." 

Yesterday President Obama met with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and made it clear U.S. federal agents operating in Mexico, aiding the Mexican government in its war on the cartels, would not be armed. This comes after ICE agent Jamie Zapata was killed while unarmed in Mexico by drug cartel members. How ironic, President Obama will not insist that our agents helping to enforce the Mexican government in their fight against cartels be armed, and Agent Terry was only armed with a bean bag gun inside America when he was killed, yet ATF is arming drug cartels by sitting by and watching guns in the hands of cartels flow into Mexico.

CBS has a damning report: