Obama's "Great Outdoors" Initiative

Posted: Feb 17, 2011 12:00 PM
President Obama sure makes government leading the way for land conservation  sound really good in this video.

With President Obama's big government track record and a look at the shout outs he gives to regulatory agency leaders like the Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Chair on the White House Council of Environmental Quality Nancy Sutley, multiple mentions of National Parks, his demonization of the fossil fuel industry and his new "green" energy proposals in the budget, we should keep a close eye on how the Obama Administration is going to move forward with "America's Great Outdoors Initiative."

Will this mean more National Parks? Where people have to pay large fees to the federal government just to be outside?

Will this mean conservation of areas or no access to areas at all?

RED FLAG: Obama quotes environmentalist Rachel Carson, author of "Silent Spring," at the end of the video. Carson led the charge to ban DDT, an inexpensive pesticide that was used to kill mosquitoes carrying Malaria all over the world. DDT was banned based on no scientific evidence that the pesticide was harmful to humans or animals, but on Carson's emotional arguments against it. Since the ban of DDT, over 40 million children in third-world countries have died from the Malaria, deaths that could have easily been prevented. You can view more information on this topic here. Another thing to note about Carson, Al Gore credits his entire outlook on the environment to her...

As a hunter myself, I believe conservation and respect for the environment are important values to hold. Hunters have been lead conservationists through private efforts for decades. Private efforts being the key here.

Question of the day: Has Obama ever been camping?