Planned Parenthood Reps. Won't Debate Live Action President Lila Rose

Posted: Feb 02, 2011 3:27 PM
After a video was released showing a Planned Parenthood employee aiding in the illegal sex trafficking of underaged girls, Planned Parenthood representatives backed out of a televised debate with Lila Rose, President of LiveAction, the group behind the undercover investigation.

Rose appeared on CNN this afternoon to discuss the video footage and Stuart Schear, Vice President of Communications for Planned Parenthood, came on the air after Rose was finished, avoiding real debate on the issue of Planned Parenthood employees aiding in the sexual abuse of young women and girls.

In the interview with CNN, Schear said Planned Parenthood had reported to the FBI incidents of pimps visiting clinics for advice on the sex-trafficking of young girls, which is true, however, Planned Parenthood only reported these incidents after the organization realized those incidents had been video taped.

From LifeNews:

“Later today Live Action President Lila Rose will appear on CNN about the undercover tape we released Tuesday showing a Planned Parenthood manager give aid to who she thought was a child sex trafficker,” he says. “Planned Parenthood was also invited to appear at the same time as Lila but Planned Parenthood refused. Planned Parenthood will now discuss the sex trafficking sting only AFTER Lila’s segment airs which also means that they will get the last word without having to face a fact-check from Lila.”

“Instead of having an honest conversation with all sides involved, Planned Parenthood wants to play PR games. In light of the damning evidence against I don’t blame them. It may be a smart media strategy but it still makes them cowards,” he said.

The refusal to appear drew laughter from pro-life advocates.

Jill Stanek, a pro-life blogger and nurse, called the abortion business “cowards from the waist up,” referring to a comment in the video urging the sex traffickers to display the young women from the “waist up” after their abortions. “They won’t take on people their own size.”

This isn't the first time Planned Parenthood has been caught conducting illegal activity.You can watch more investigations conducted by LiveAction here.