Message From Joe Biden

Posted: Sep 27, 2010 3:33 PM
And the Democratic Party. They are worried about billionaires (like George Soros? No, he is exempt from this category because he is a liberal) spending money in the upcoming elections and have started a new fundraising campaign they are calling "By the People Fund." From the Biden email:

I'll tell you one thing that worries me about this election: There's a small group of billionaires and corporate special interests that are trying to buy their way back into power. They're spending their fortunes to defeat our folks and elect some of the most right-wing Republicans this country has every seen.

So instead of worrying about tax hikes, unemployment, border security and other major issues going into the midterms, Democrats are worried about billionaires. Well, only billionaires who want to elect "the most right-wing Republicans this country has ever seen."

God forbid these "billionaires" spend THEIR money on what THEY want.