Creepy: Children Sing Obama's Negative Messaging in New Ad

Posted: Oct 27, 2012 5:48 PM

I suppose we all thought the Obama reelection effort had jumped the shark when we had Lena Dunham telling us all about how great our "first time" (voting, that is) would be with Obama.

But no. This is worse. So, so much worse.

Courtesy of Allahpundit over at Hot Air, here's a creepy video of children singing about the alleged horrors of a Romney presidency:

A sampling of the lyrics:

Imagine an America

Where strip mines are fun and free

Where gays can be fixed

And sick people just die

And oil fills the sea


We don't have to pay for freeways!

Our schools are good enough

Give us endless wars

On foreign shores

And lots of Chinese stuff


It's not actually from the Obama campaign, but it's certainly using the same messaging that POTUS has been pushing. As AP points out, this is sort of reminiscent of videos like this or this, except that unlike those two (equally as creepy) clips, there's no "lending a hand" or "spreading happiness and freedom." We're blaming Mom and Dad for voting for Romney, and thereby killing Big Bird and a whole lot of polar bears.

Again. Whoa.

Yet it's indicative of the Obama 2012 message: vote for me because the other guy will literally murder people and animals. Only, from the mouths of babes, it's decidedly more icky. Heck, these children are too young to understand half of the stuff they're singing about. At least hope and change and peace and love were generic enough concepts that even a five-year-old can knowingly support. This is just disturbing.