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Here she goes again: Debbie Wasserman Schultz was back on air this morning, sharing some golden nuggets of widsom about the 2012 campaign trail. Yet the Democratic National Committee chair, notorious for her vehement defense of Obama and all facets of his agenda, has really outdone herself here. When asked about whether it's hypocritical for Obama to keep money from private equity firms while attacking Mitt Romney for working for such a firm, DWS says no, that's "apples to coconuts."


What? Make sense of her logic, if you can:

Even CNN recognizes that she's an utter failure as a spokeswoman. Note how she tries to differentiate between Romney's restructuring work at Bain and Obama's takeover of the auto industry: "Obama make sure we still had an American auto industry," which is why it's OK he laid people off at GM. Yet Romney, who saved a number of American companies using the same tactics (as a private equity firm, rather than the government!), is a scumsucking capitalist pig who enjoys ruining people's lives.


DWS' questionable public appearances of late have led to speculation that Obama is ready to get rid of her. Apparently, he wasn't too keen on appointing her DNC chair anyway, but she promised to help him hang on to some key demographics, specifically, women and Jews. Now, however, all signs point to her heading out the door next term. In fact, it looks like she could forego another run for Congress:

However, while Obama has been able to count on Schultz to carry his political water, he has become increasingly irritated by her polemic behavior, which only served to galvanize Republicans and cost them precious support among independents.

In the words of Shark Tank’s inside source, the president “does not want her in the DNC anymore.”

During Obama's trip to Florida, not only was Schultz stripped of her previously held honor of introducing the president before his speeches, he barely acknowledged her presence.

In fact, Shark Tank's source said Obama addressed Shultz personally on her destructive activities, telling her it’s not about her, it’s about him.

“Don’t forget, you work for me.”

Despite the general elections being six months away, there’s nothing on her website about running for re-election.

More notable, her name doesn’t appear anywhere on the Florida Division of Elections List of Candidates.

According to the Florida Supervisor of Elections, if Schultz doesn’t qualify by petition or pay to get on the ballot by June 8, she won’t be eligible to run for re-election.


Gasp! Could our favorite Obama attack dog be heading back to Florida for good? So sad. Cable news commentary just won't be the same without her gaffe-tastic partisanship.

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