Newt Out? Gingrich Cancels North Carolina Trip

Posted: Apr 20, 2012 9:20 PM

Is Newt Gingrich giving up the ghost? His presidential campaign is deeply in debt, his popularity has waned significantly, and everyone in America (besides him) clearly recognizes that Mitt Romney has won the Republican nomination. Yet he's persisted, trying desperately to frame himself as the "conservative alternative" to Romney's "Massachusetts Moderate."

But the campaign has just cancelled its appearances in North Carolina, and speculation has ignited that the former Speaker of the House is preparing to exit the race.

Sources told NewsChannel 36 Gingrich has canceled all of his appearances in North Carolina next week.

Gingrich was scheduled to make multiple appearances throughout the state, including a visit to Lincoln Charter School in Denver next Wednesday. Fourth graders planned to present him with an American history project.

“We are disappointed that the Gingrich camp has decided to cancel the entire NC tour,” said Lincoln Charter School Chief Administrator Dave Machado. “We were looking forward to the opportunity to showcase the accomplishments of the LCS Community. It is unfortunate for our students and for that we are disappointed.”

The former Speaker of the House was also set to talk with an Honors Civics and Economics class at the school.

Newt has maintained vehemently that his team would stay in the race until the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August, but with his finances in the shape they're in, it's difficult to imagine he can sustain. And with the public beginning to coalesce around Mitt Romney, Newt only undermines his credibility by refusing to admit defeat. Is this the end for Newt? Or will his pride dictate his decision?