Confirmed: Occupy Wall Street Not That Young or Diverse

Kate Hicks
Posted: Nov 02, 2011 2:47 PM

Today, Fast Company released an exclusive infographic based on data from a poll conducted on, the movement's "unofficial" official site. With 5,006 participants over the course of October 21-22, it paints a pretty accurate picture of the protest's demographic breakdown.

I note that this is not a survey solely of the people in Zuccotti Park, but instead of anyone who went to the website and took the survey; the results reflect the breakdown of those participants nationwide.

And now, without further ado, the infographic:


There you have it. Mostly male (61%), mostly white (81.2%), mostly employed full time (47%), mostly college educated (60.7%). Other interesting facts: the protest is largely past school-age, with 76.5% of respondants over age 25, and a third of them (30.1%) make over $50,000 a year. Only 12.3% are unemployed. 70.2% claim to be "independent," but even if they don't claim party affiliation, one may safely presume to know on which end of the ideological spectrum most occupiers fall. Less than half (43%) of respondants have participated in the actual "occupations" of cities around the nation--they simply "participate online," showing support through social media and the like.

I suppose the bright side is this isn't just a movement propagated by brainwashed youth. But more frightening than Kool-Aid soaked students is perhaps the revelation that the "occupiers" are college-educated adults with jobs--and a bad case of entitlement syndrome.