Watch MTV's Message to "White Guys": America Was Never "Great" and You Can Do Better

Posted: Dec 20, 2016 1:00 PM

According to MTV News, white men in America need to seriously check their privilege in 2017 and realize that America was never great for people other than themselves. MTV's Twitter account features a group of millennials lecturing “white guys” as to how they can improve themselves in the New Year.

“Can we all just agree that ‘Black Lives Matter’ isn’t the opposite of ‘All Lives Matter?'” one of the people in the video says. “Black lives just matter. There’s no need to overcomplicate it.”

And "Blue Lives Matter isn’t a thing,” they say. “Cops weren’t born with blue skin. Right? I mean, yeah. They weren’t born blue!”

"Honestly, you can do a little better in 2017," a woman says referring to the conduct of white men in 2016.