Ray Lewis: All Trump Wants is a Fair Chance

Posted: Dec 15, 2016 1:00 PM

The sports world was tossed into a frenzy this week after former NFL players Jim Brown and Ray Lewis met with President-elect Donald Trump in his New York apartment building on Tuesday.

Lewis was immediately forced to fill the airways with a sense of calming to those who opposed the meeting.  Lewis was on FS1's The Herd and Speak for Yourself on Thursday to let athletes know that Trump is a businessman first.  

"He's a 100% businessman, it's all he knows.  If it makes dollars it makes sense," Lewis established.  "He has his own, so he doesn't have to ask nobody for nothing," Lewis said referring to Trump's financial security.  "But what I really think he wants is for people to give him a fair chance." 

"In life, either you're gonna go do something, or you're gonna watch something being done.  And right now, whether you like him or not, he is gonna be our president for the next four years," Lewis said of Trump.  

The majority of the panel was directing their attention to LeBron James, who has adamantly opposed President-elect Trump.  

"I know LeBron and know he'll be with it," Lewis said.  "When we call on him, to really need him, I guarantee you he will come over."