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Chinese Tirade Warns "Rookie" Trump to Back Off

According to China, President-elect Donald Trump is a "diplomatic rookie" who will be taught lessons in international order. 

The Chinese state media said that "provoking friction and messing up China-US relations won't help make America great again," and warned that America "does not have sufficient resources" to be provocative with China.


"Trump's China-bashing tweet is just a cover for his real intent, which is to treat China as a fat lamb and cut a piece of meat off it," it said.  "He is trying to pillage other countries for US prosperity," it warned, by smashing "the current world economic order" of which the United States is the "biggest beneficiary."

But the Chinese paper said that in time, Trump "will learn not to cross China."

The paper was illustrated by a cartoon showing an eagle throwing pebbles at a large, angry panda.

The nationalist Global Times newspaper's Chinese edition also ran a story on Trump's "inability to keep his mouth shut."

China said that they may grant Trump forgiveness, only if he acts appropriately.

"As president-elect, Trump can expect some forgiveness even when he is shooting from the hip. But things will be different when he becomes president."

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