Bill Clinton Destroys "Old White Gray-Haired" Americans, Says Immigrants Keep America Young

Posted: Oct 21, 2016 5:00 PM

Bill Clinton acknowledged Friday during a campaign speech for his wife that there have been millions of Americans left behind as the the world advances on its ultra-progressive path.  What he failed to do is mention any shift in pace or remorse for the harm that such liberal policies cause.

“We know that there are whole areas of America that have been left out and left behind,” Clinton acknowledged.  “But so has coal country, and most of them are supporting [Hillary’s] opponent because they’ve been told that President Obama and those of us who think something has to be done about climate change are responsible for the loss of those jobs.”

Clinton said that anger does not solve the problems America faces.  He also said that illegal immigrants are keeping America young.

“Even in our own lives, there are reasons to be angry. But answers work better. There are always reasons to be frustrated. But empowerment is the only answer... They’re against immigration reform when that’s the only thing that we got keeping us young right now. Our first-generation Americans."

He said that old gray-haired white guys should be worried about who is going to pay for Social Security and Medicare.

“All these old gray-haired white guys, how do they think our Social Security is going to be paid out and our Medicare is going to get funded?,” Clinton stated.  “We need you. We all need this. Everybody has got a legitimate beef. Sometimes the things that happen are unfair and unjust…What are you going to do about it and how are you going to feel about it?”

“We’ve got to be a tomorrow country again. Can’t do it without a mind,” he said, and a “heart well turned.”

The Clinton's continue to show their disdain for white people throughout America, especially old white males.