Ouch: UCLA Students Shut Down Mother Whose Child Was Killed by Illegal Alien

Posted: Oct 19, 2016 7:30 AM

Sabine Durden, an anti-illegal immigration activist and Donald Trump supporter, was on the campus of UCLA to warn students of the dangers of open borders in the United States.  

Durden was able to get some of her points across before being shut down by protesters. “The undocumented community are criminals by law,” Durden said. “You have to take care of your own first before you can take care of others. So if I take care of my American people that have a right to be here first, and we have enough American criminals. We don’t need new criminals that aren’t even supposed to be here.”

The protesters however disagreed. 

“Is America great today when it wages a genocide against black and brown people?  Its murdering pigs, its murdering police shoot them down without any consequence? Hell no. This whole system is criminal. This event is promoting a racist, fascist, xenophobic agenda. Illegal immigrants are not the real criminals. The criminals are this country and the entire system that feeds on the exploitation and people of the world.”