Eric Trump's Advice to His Father: "Just Be Yourself"

Posted: Sep 26, 2016 9:45 AM

Many people have been asking how Republican nominee Donald Trump will conduct business Monday night at the first presidential debate of 2016, but Trump's son, Eric Trump, has some personal advice for his father.

When asked by a Fox News Sunday morning show what it would take to win the debate, Trump said his father just needs to "be himself."

An estimated 100 million people will be tuning in to Monday’s event at Hofstra University in New York State.

“He’s talking to working-class Americans who have been left behind by career politicians—and that’s exactly who Hillary Clinton is,” Trump said.  “We’re disrespected all over the world. In China, President Obama literally had to come out of the service entrance of his plane.”

Trump said that he and his brother and sister will be sitting front row cheering on their father on as he takes on Clinton.

"You can't just script these things, you kind of have to go out there and feel the moment.  I think that's the problem with most politicians," Trump said of his unique tactics.  "We have to start winning again."  

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