Liberal College Professor Frustrated with Ex-CIA Officer Saying that Radical Islam is "Coming After Us"

Posted: Jul 15, 2016 8:55 AM

Former CIA officer Buck Sexton was on CNN Thursday night along with a panel of guests to discuss the Islamic terror attack that took place in Nice, France, leaving 84 people dead.  

An exchange ignited when Mia Bloom, a professor at Georgia State University, became frustrated with Sexton’s suggestion that radical Islamic terrorists are “coming after us.”

Bloom vehemently said that “they’re not coming after us more than they’re coming after each other,” referring to Muslim-on-Muslim attacks.  

“Yes, they are! They are, in fact, coming after us!” Sexton responded. “When I say us, I’m referring to America, to Europe, and the West, and all peaceful Muslims, and everyone around the world who doesn’t believe that strapping a suicide vest — because you’re disaffected, because you have some belief that somehow this will take you to a place of paradise and virgins, whatever the case may be.”