ISIS Suicide Attack Kills 80 in Syria, Iraqi Forces Heading Back to Fallujah

Posted: May 23, 2016 12:00 PM

Multiple blasts in Syrian pro-government cities Monday morning have killed 80 and injured over 200 others.  This news comes just hours after Iraqi coalition forces launched an offensive into Fallujah, Iraq to retake the pivotal city from ISIS.  

The morning attacks in the cities of Tartus and Jableh were the first of their kind targeting pro-government civilians.

In all, seven explosions carried out simultaneously in both locations, six included suicide bombings and two were carried out by car bombs. 

Coincidentally, earlier on Monday morning, it was announced that the United States will commence air-support for an attacking Iraqi coalition aimed at retaking the city of Fallujah.  

The commander of the Fallujah operation, Lt. General Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, could not say how long the offensive would take, citing terrain and the number of civilians in the city.  This is not the first time that the Iraqi leadership has used terrain as a potential excuse for their hardships. Last month, in an attempt to retake the ISIS capital of Mosul, the Iraqis commenced a full retreat and blamed the harsh terrain

The confusion in the Middle East continues to mount as the game of musical chairs takes another turn.  When one city is retaken, another falls.  American lives and trillions of U.S. tax dollars continue to be spent on a war with no end.