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While everyone in the GOP was running around with pitchforks and torches trying to overthrow the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, their 'golden child' has quietly fallen off the mark in several key states.  


Marco Rubio supporters should pay close attention on Super Tuesday to not only Rubio losing in the voting states, but how badly he loses them.  In Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Vermont, if a potential candidate does not receive at least 20 percent of the vote, he is disqualified from receiving any delegates.  

Here are the latest numbers between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio in each of those states.

Alabama- Donald Trump 42, Marco Rubio 19

Georgia- Donald Trump 36, Marco Rubio 22

Tennessee- Donald Trump 40, Marco Rubio 19

Texas- Donald Trump 28, Marco Rubio 18

Vermont- Donald Trump 33, Marco Rubio 14

Losing (a strategy of the GOP) has obviously been an acceptable form of winning in this election.  Watch out on Super Tuesday for some candidates to go home with a bag full of nothing before all is said and done. 


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