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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

MSNBC hosts on "Morning Joe" went on a lengthy rant defending President Joe Biden's error-filled visit to Maui, which was sandwiched in between two vacations and one "no comment." 


Joe Scarborough took up most of the time, especially taking issue with people asking whether Biden had fallen asleep while attending a memorial service for the hundreds of people who were killed in the wildfire that ripped through Lahaina. Scarborough said to look at the local coverage because it was positive:

And it’s the same thing with this Joe Biden is sleeping deal, you actually look at the longer — the longer video, he coughs. He bows his head like the woman next to him. He takes like four deep breaths. Like he’s trying to catch his breath. We don’t know why. Maybe — maybe he was moved. And then he’s like nodding, looks up. And yet the screaming headlines is 'Biden sleeping, Biden sleeping, Biden sleeping.' He coughs. And now look at this, ok, he goes down. He’s been traveling a lot — look at this he takes one, two, catching his breath...The only thing, Willie, the only thing that we can thank God for is that Joe Biden was not wearing a tan suit. Because then it’d have been a total meltdown on the far-right.

"If you’re watching this this morning and you have no idea what we’re talking about, it’s because you live in the rational world where this was an insignificant moment, not a controversial one anyway," Willie Geist said in agreement.


Scarborough then brought up Trump, saying Republicans are only criticizing Biden over small things because Trump is about to surrender to the Fulton County District Attorney's office after his fourth indictment.

"You know, again, the fact this is not about that, this is about the reaction where like you said, Mika, it’s whataboutism. It’s Hunter Biden’s laptop. It’s Hunter Biden. It’s Joe Biden falls asleep. It’s Joe Biden falls off of a bicycle. It is also shallow. It is also stupid. And it is all they have," Scarborough continued.

During Biden's visit to Maui, he invoked the death of his first wife and daughter and told residents he almost lost his own home to a fire while he was in the Senate. Local reports at the time said the fire was contained to the kitchen and was under control within 20 minutes, a far cry from what happened in Lahaina.


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