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KJP's Latest Claim About the Border Crisis Is a Doozy

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed on Monday Texas' efforts to stem the flow of illegal border crossings is actually doing the opposite and is sabotaging the Biden administration's efforts to address the border crisis.


"When we move forward with a plan...with how we were going to move forward after Title 42 is lifted, we actually saw the numbers go down. We actually saw the president's plan working. And what you see, the [Texas] governor doing, is dangerous and unlawful and is actually hurting the process. It's hurting the process of what we are trying to do," Jean-Pierre said. 

"The one person that is sowing chaos is Governor Abbott, that is what he has continued to do, political stunts in an inhumane way," she also claimed. "He's actively undermining our border enforcement plan...He is making this more difficult. He is not operating in good faith here."


The Biden White House has long been critical of Operation Lone Star, the statewide effort to crackdown on illegal border crossings, since its inception at the start of the crisis. 

NBC News reports the Department of Justice has officially sued the state of Texas for not removing river barriers in the Rio Grande after making the threat last week. Abbott welcomed the lawsuit, saying they will see the Biden administration in court.

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