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The WH's Interesting Plan to Solve Kamala Harris' Historic Unpopularity

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

It is no secret Vice President Kamala Harris is extremely unpopular but a recent poll from NBC News revealed she is the most unpopular vice president in American history since their polling began.


The poll shows 49 percent of registered voters have a negative view of Harris, as opposed to to 32 percent having a positive view of her, meaning she has a net-negative rating of -17. While her defenders are sure to pull out the woman and race cards, it is without a doubt Harris has little support because voters see how ill-equipped to be vice president, especially given she dropped out of the race before the first round of voting during the 2020 election.

But rest assured the Biden White House has a plan to fix Harris' horrible public image.


“If you think about what matters to the American people, it’s what the Vice President is actually doing and when the American people see her in action every day … I think the enthusiasm and energy is palpable,” White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients added.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, the Biden White House's plan to solve Harris' bad public perception is to...show her to the public more. But that's the thing, it is because she has been in the public eye so much, thanks to President Slow Poke Biden, that the country has seen how she is not a good public speaker and has to be on script because she can not improvise.


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