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Latest Drug Bust By Border Patrol Proves What We Know About Fentanyl Smuggling

Twitter/Port Director Michael W. Humphries

U.S. Border Patrol recently discovered more than 20,000 fentanyl pills inside an abandoned backpack in Arizona, meaning it was being smuggled between the port of entry, something Democrats say almost never happens.

"Law enforcement tells me oftentimes undocumented individuals smuggling drugs or weapons will ditch them when they are encountered by law enforcement. If they are apprehended with either in their possession, the charges are substantially more severe," NewsNation reporter Ali Bradley explained. "I'm also told that they will leave a pin drop where the 'goods' were left so the smuggling organization can pick it up later."

What Democrats and border crisis deniers often point to are the statistics showing most of the fentanyl seized, "seized" being the keyword, is being taken at ports of entry and that illegal immigrants who surrender to Border Patrol are not smuggling in the pills. To that, I say, duh! A manned checkpoint with the manpower and technology to scan for drugs is going to consistently catch more fentanyl. It is also obvious the drug cartels are not going to send people who are turning themselves in with fentanyl.

That is why it is concerning when Border Patrol agents get bogged down with groups of 500 illegal immigrants who cross over at one time. It is so that there is no manpower to arrest those who want to avoid apprehension or are smuggling drugs. It is worth noting Arizona leads the nation in the number of successful gotaways. 

The drug cartels are smart. Yes, they will use the ports of entry to smuggle in drugs, but they will also use the open border to get more of their deadly product in. We are no longer talking about giant bundles of weed. We are talking about a drug that does not require a growing season and is much easier to smuggle between the ports of entry in a backpack. It is foolish to assume the drug cartels are not taking advantage of President Joe Biden's border crisis to cash in on America's addiction problem. The longer this self-inflicted crisis continues, the more money the cartels will make, and the more Americans will die.


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