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Gun Control Activist's Strange Argument for Not Allowing Teachers to Carry Guns in Class

AP Photo/John Amis

A Moms Demand Action activist who said she is a former teacher yelled at Tennessee state representatives for advancing a bill that would allow teachers to have firearms on campus in the aftermath of the shooting at a private Christian school, which left three students and three staff dead.


The shooter, who identified as transgender, specifically targeted the school because another location she thought of attacking had too much security.

The hearing room, which was full of gun control activists, booed and heckled the Republican representatives after voted to advance the bill through a House committee. As people got up to leave, one woman began shouting at the representatives about how she knows how to use firearms but she would never carry inside the classroom because she would not shoot her students.

"I would never carry a gun in front of my students! I loved my students. I would die for them but I would not shoot them," said the woman wearing a Moms Demand Action t-shirt.


Now there's a few ways to interpret what she said, none of which are good. One is that she thinks she is not stable enough to be trusted around a firearm because she might use it on a student, which ok, yes, if you think that, you should not have a firearm. One charitable interpretation is she meant the second "them" as in the incoming random attacker, but then in theory her students would still be in danger if she dies without taking out the threat.

The last possible explanation is that she would not shoot her student who is going around killing other students. Again, none of these explanations are good and it was certainly an odd comment to make in an attempt to persuade lawmakers.   

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