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Rachel Maddow's Reason Why MSNBC Did Not Air Trump's Speech Drips With Irony

Townhall Media

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow explained to viewers Tuesday evening the network would not be airing former President Donald Trump's speech live because they don't want to air things that are not true.


"Let me just say, just a moment business here, then I will come to you in just one second. I need to tell you that right now the former president himself is making remarks tonight from his home in Florida. As far as we can tell, what we are prepared for here is that this is basically a campaign speech in which he is repeating his same lies and allegations against his perceived enemies," Maddow stated.

"It is just getting started, so far he is just giving his normal list of grievances. We don’t consider that necessarily newsworthy and there is a cost to us as a new organization of knowingly broadcasting untrue things so our deal with you is that we will monitor these remarks," she further explained.         

Maddow claiming they don't want to air untrue things is hilarious considering they have done just that with topics such as the Russiagate hoax, of which Maddow was a big promoter of during Trump's presidency. That night's panelists such as Joy Reid and Nicolle Wallace also ran afoul into the network's new guidelines.           


In either case, Trump railed against the Manhattan District Attorney's case against him as election interference. Conservative and liberal legal analysts alike have said the indictment is very weak and does not hold up under scrutiny.   


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