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Sheila Jackson Lee Mocked After Describing What Pistol Braces Do to Firearms


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) praised the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for changing the rule that allowed citizens to have stabilizing braces on AR and other similar types of pistols without having to register it as a short-barreled rifle because, according to her, pistol braces turns guns into "killing machines."


Jackson Lee made her comments during Thursday's House hearing about the ATF's decision to go after gun owners, who could be felons if they don't register their AR pistols or get rid of their stabilizing braces, which have been legal for over ten years. House Republicans made note the stabilizing braces were first invented to allow wounded service members to be able to shoot firearms normally after their life-altering injuries.

"I commend the ATF for... identifying a problem and providing guidance to prevent the harm created by the misuse of stabilizing braces, which convert everyday firearms into killing machines," Jackson Lee said.

Not only did Jackson Lee admit ARs are everyday firearms in common use, but adding a stabilizing brace on an AR pistol does change how it fires to the point where it's a "killing machine." Any type of firearm has the ability to kill, regardless if they have a brace or not. Having a gun to defend oneself against those who might do you harm is kind of the whole point of a firearm.


Jackson Lee's remarks were panned by gun owners and supporters.


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