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AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

The New York Times appears to have found the true problem with the toxic chemical spill that took place after a train derailed near East Palestine, Ohio: Republicans who are critical of the government's terrible handling of the incident.


"After a train carrying toxic material derailed in Ohio this month, Right-wing commentators have been particularly critical of the response, using the crisis to sow distrust about government agencies and suggest that the damage could be irreparable," the Times tweeted on Thursday.

The opening paragraph of the story admits the area around East Palestine has become toxic to people and wildlife:

Since a train carrying hazardous materials derailed in Ohio nearly two weeks ago, residents have feared for their safety. A controlled burn of the toxic materials has filled the air and covered surface waters and soil with chemicals. Dead fish have floated in nearby creeks, and an unnerving aroma has lingered in the air.

But still, it's the "right-wing" and their commentary that's the problem:

On social media like Twitter and Telegram, commentators have called the situation the 'largest environmental disaster in history' or simply 'Chernobyl 2.0,' invoking the 1986 nuclear disaster. They warned, without evidence, that vital water reservoirs serving states downriver could be badly contaminated. And they suggested that the authorities, railroad companies and mainstream news media were purposefully obscuring the full toll of the crisis.


The article also whines about conservatives criticizing Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg because this is yet another major disaster within his department's purview to occur in a short amount of time. The mayor of East Palestine said he had only just recently heard from the White House about their situation, nearly two weeks after the derailment occurred.

The Times' story says government officials are assuring residents the town is safe to go back to and the water is safe, despite videos have been posted of local waterways showing heavy contamination. Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) said if the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency thinks the water is safe enough, then he should take a drink himself.

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