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Tucker Carlson Explained What Happened After He Invited Boris Johnson on the Show

AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali, Pool

Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed Wednesday evening his show had invited former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to debate about the role the West is playing in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, which is about to enter its first full year.


Hours before the show was set to air, however, Carlson said his publicist said they were not going to do the interview anymore. In another twist, Carlson said Johnson had mocked U.S. politicians for being scared of the host despite having pulled out of the appearance.

"The public has a right to know why are we doing this before it starts. As you can probably tell, it looks like [the war is] starting very soon. So that was our experience with Boris Johnson yesterday. Given all that, we were shocked, actually shocked this afternoon to see Johnson show up at a neocon think tank call Atlantic Counsel and say this."

"I’ve been amazed and horrified by how many people are frightened by a guy called Tucker Carlson. Anybody heard of Tucker Carlson? What is it with this guy? All these wonderful Republicans seem somehow intimidated by his perspective," Johnson said during his appearance

"'All these cowards in Washington are afraid of this show,' Boris Johnson said, derisively. Yet somehow he never mentioned that he is one of them. Again, we had just invited Johnson on the show hours before he said that. It was remarkable and remarkably dishonest," Carlson continued. "We knew that Johnson himself was a coward, we watched during Covid as he transitioned into a terrified old woman, but we had no idea he was a liar. We should have known."


Carlson said there is no popular support to draw the West into direct conflict with Russia, as not only would it risk nuclear war, but it will only help the Chinese Communist Party to do their will on the world.

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