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Ted Lieu Said the Border Has Always Been a Crisis. Guess What He Said During Trump.

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) stated during the House Judiciary Committee hearing about the border crisis on Wednesday that the southern border has always been in crisis, going back at least 50 years, but he sang a different tune when Donald Trump was president.


"This hearing is titled Biden's Border Crisis.' That is completely wrong. It is not Biden's border crisis. This has been a crisis for over half a century," he said.

His comments today fly in the face of what he said when Trump was pushing Congress to provide funds for updating existing wall and building new wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, stating many times there was no emergency.


"Trump's proposed Declaration of a National Emergency is an authoritarian power grab that will be struck down in the courts. The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the ‘Power of the Purse’, and Trump cannot override the Constitution with a fake declaration. There is no national emergency," Lieu said in a statement in 2019.

Lieu's chief of staff also tweeted in 2019 how there was not a crisis.

Other Democrats during Wednesday's hearing mainly accused Republicans of being racists for highlighting the problems Americans having been facing since the record-breaking number of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. 

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